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PVDF (Fluorocarbon Paint - Dyufnar #100L)

Industrial Coating

We provide specialised coatings for :

  • Electrical appliances
  • Aluminium claddings and louvers,
  • Cabinets
  • Roof Tiles etc.

Range of Products

  • Aclose #6100 (baking acrylic paint)
  • Resifloor (floor paint)
  • V-Top (2-Component Polyurethane Paint)
  • Polybest Putty
  • V-Ceran (roof-tile paint)
  • V-Flon (2-Component Fluorocarbon Paint)
  • V-Flon (1-Component Thermosetting Fluorocarbon Paint)
  • Dyufnar #100L (Baking Fluorocarbon Paint-PVDF)

Products for Electronics and Electrical Industry

  • Aclose #6100 (baking acrylic paint)
  • Pla-Nitto
  • V-Top (2 Component Polyurethane Paint)